Auditório da Fundação D. Pedro IV
(Av. D. Carlos I, 124 J)
[GPS Coordinates: N 38°42'35.62"N; W 9° 9'11.55"W]
9h00 - Registrations
9h30 - Welcoming words and key objectives of the SKA Day in Portugal
João Nuno Ferreira, FCT - FCCN; José Pedro Borrego, ANACOM e URSI; Carlos Salema, IT;
Cândida Lobo, AICEP
Session 1: The Square Kilometer Array (SKA) - Global Challenges, Global Linkages, Global
Moderator: Carlos Salema, IT
10h00 - Presentation of the SKA Project
Alistair McPherson, SKA Deputy-Director General [presentation]
10h25 - Science with SKA
Robert Braun, SKA Science Director [presentation]
10h50 - Questions, answers and debate session (10 min)
11h00 - Coffee break
11h20 - The EngageSKA Science Research Infrastructure
Domingos Barbosa, EngageSKA coordinator [presentation]
11h30 - Using Advanced Computing to solve Big data problems (from Science to Society)
Jorge Almeida, Critical Software [presentation]
11h45 - Promoting the Interface with industry and society: the role of Research and Technology
Infrastructures in the innovation system
Ricardo Migueis, ANI [presentation]
12h00 - Closure of morning Session
Manuel Caldeira Cabral, Portuguese Minister for Economy
12h30 - Lunch
PROGRAMME | SKA Days PT | 6-7 February 2018 | 3
Session 2: Science talks preparing for SKA and beyond
Moderator: FCT
13h30 - Operating telescopes: from the SKA Telescope Manager to SDP - Bruno Morgado, FCUP,
ENGAGE [presentation]
13h40 - Pitch Science talks (7 min + 5')
Fundamental Physics with pulsars and BH in the SKA era - Paulo Freire, Max Planck
Cosmology with SKA - Orfeu Bertolami, FCUP, Pres. Dep. FIS &A Astronomia [presentation]
Neutron Stars, Constança Providência, U. Coimbra [presentation]
Transient phenomena with SKA - Valério Ribeiro, UA, ENGAGE SKA [presentation]
High energy phenomena in SKA era; panchromatic synergies - Sonia Anton, UA, ENGAGE SKA [presentation]
HI Gas in Star-Forming Dwarf Galaxies: The SKA Perspective - Mercedes Filho, FEUP [presentation]
Galaxies with SKA and pathfinders - José Afonso, IA, FCUL
Solar Physics and Space weather with SKA - Dalmiro Maia, FCUP, ENGAGE SKA
Craddle of Life with SKA - Alexandre Correia, UA, ENGAGE SKA [presentation]
Session 3: SKA and beyond
Moderator: FCT
15h10 - Science for Development
Pedro Russo, Leiden, European Regional Office of Astronomy for Development
15h20 - EU VLBI network - Synergies with AIR
Paco Colomer, Director of JIVE-ERIC
15h35 - The AIR Center, Synergies with SKA
António Sarmento, AIR Center [presentation]
15h345 - Coffee break
PROGRAMME | SKA Days PT | 6-7 February 2018 | 4
Session 4: Why Portugal: Industrial Capacity
Moderator: ANI/FCT
16h00 - Ubiwhere, “Big Data and Smart Cities, Hand in Hand” - Rui Costa (CEO) [presentation]
LC Technologies, « Receiver technologies - Luís Cupido (CEO)
Tekever, "Communications technologies in support of radioastronomy", Pedro Rodrigues,
Head of Space Systems Division [presentation]
Deimos (tbc) [presentation]
ProEF, Pedro Rodrigues, RNPO Manager [presentation]
Voltalia Portugal, José Amador, BUSINESS MANAGER
DST Telecom, João Matos (CEO) [presentation]
TBC talk on Receiver for pulsars/optical beamforming
17h00 - Concluding remarks and workshop closure
Paulo Ferrão, President of Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT)
Daan du Toit, DST South Africa, Chairman of the SKA Business & strategy Commitee
Rapporteur of the event
Orfeu Bertolami, FCUP, Pres. Dep. FIS &A Astronomia
PROGRAMME | SKA Days PT | 6-7 February 2018 | 5